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I love coffee, chocolate, chips and anything that’s bad for you. I am from the beautiful New Zealand. I like to help people who are newly diagnosed with arthritis or struggling to get through life.


I wanted a way to share my knowledge or experiences of life and to pass on details about things that I assumed good to share. I have lifestyle tips, tips about money, and sometimes go on adventures to find some great bargains.  Sometimes I will share affiliate links, which won't cost you anything and you don't have to click on them, but hopefully if you find my stuff useful you won't mind me making the odd buck from that.


I am a mum to my lovely son Leigh, grandmother to Aaliyah & Paisley and an aunt to several nieces and nephews.  I also have a cat Ella, she is my best friend. All of whom you are sure to hear about throughout this site.


I live with mental illness (25+ years) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (11+ years), find it hard to get out or find a job due to my conditions so to fill my time I study, or surf the net. I am a Support Worker for the Newly Diagnosed with Arthritis NZ, which is a phone support system.


Unable to attend classes I studied psychology at the Open Polytechnic, completing the Diploma in Psychology and the Diploma in Health & Human Behaviour.  This year I am returning to study the NZ Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5).


The past 7 years have taught me how to manage financially on the Supported Living Benefit, with two chronic conditions while trying to maintain as normal a life as possible.


I have learned that the world is not only black & white, lemons & lemonade or good & bad, happy or sad. The world around us can be seen very differently by everyone and the way we utilise the life, the money or the mind we have been given, we can lead ourselves to many different outcomes.


My wish is that everyone can expand their lives, their thoughts, to see the many shades of colour and the many uses for lemons, as much as I do.

The Kiwi Nana was created to be a useful resource for anyone to learn how to get through life’s hardships, by providing the tools and knowledge, to be inspired to create a life of harmony and peace.

As a survivor of abuse (sexual, physical, mental & domestic), chronic depression, PTSD and Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 20 years, I refuse to give into the drama every day.

I have researched and managed to live life with a positive outlook most of the time.  I have found and personally use many tools to get through life as it is, taking each day as it comes.

I want to help you reach a place where you are at peace where you are, to help you accept that life is not all bad and believe that how we live our lives that is what really matters.

Are you living to survive or are you living to thrive?

Join me on my journey as I work through the ups and downs to reach a place of internal peace and harmony.


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